January 29, 2009

My Newest Improvement

Do you like my new signature?? It's actually my own handwriting and I found a site on the internet that creates your own handwriting font for free! I have seen advertisements in other places that will create your own font for over $100 so I was so excited to have found this site here.

You will need a Adobe Reader (or Acrobat as the template is a .pdf file), printer and a fine tip black pen (I used a fine point Sharpie)and you will need to be familiar with scanning a document, saving it as a .jpeg file and being able to upload your scanned document to the internet. Honestly, it was so easy that the entire process only took me 15 minutes and it only took THAT long because I filled out the handwriting template many times to make sure it was right. And I have to say, it's pretty cool to be able to type a document in your own handwriting.

In order to make my siignature appear on my postings here on Lil' Inker I enlisted the help of Elizabeth who is a blog genius! You can find her here at ElizabethDesigns.net. I've seen a couple of her blog backgrounds and they're amazing. I'm actually thinking of redesigning using her talents! Anywhoo, Elizabeth converted my signature file for me and instructed me on the proper way to upload the code to Blogspot and I'm very excited to my blog's newest improvement!

1 comment:

  1. I like your siggy! can't wait to see the new look if you go through with it!!


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