February 5, 2009

Today was a Good Day

I received two personal comments today on my blog from Tammy Hershberger, an amazing stamper. I'm sure many of you fellow stampers are also fans. I remember when I first started browsing Splitcoast I came across some of her work and thought, "Now, that's the kind of card I want to make". Her creativity and consistent quality amazes me so think of how excited I was to see that she took the time to personally recognized me. :-)

In one of Tammy's comments she wished me good luck with my Etsy.com shop. Well from her lips (well fingers) to God's ears....IT WORKED! Today I sold my very first card on my Etsy.com store and am very excited about my accomplishment.

My hubbs said, "Wow, I'm impressed! Good job, Honey". He's so very supportive and is the one who urged me to attempt to set up shop online. Isn't that sweet?!

Also, on another sort of funny note. My son will be eleven months tomorrow and I've been a tad bit concerned that he hadn't yet mastered the "pincher grip" and wasn't picking up food and feeding himself. So I picked up the phone and called the Dr.'s office and they confirmed that I'm doing everything right; having him pick the food up from my hand and helping him put it in his mouth, leaving small pieces on his food tray for him to attempt to pick up, showing him where the food goes etc, etc... blah, blah, blah.

So I hang up the phone and put some apple puffs on his tray....and what does the little bugger do??? He picks it right up and puts it straight in his mouth!!!

I swear he heard me on the phone talking about him!

Today was a good day :-)



  1. Yes, it does sound like a good day! Congrats to you and your little bugger!! :)

  2. That's a GREAT day! Bet you're on Cloud 9!

  3. I looked at tons of cards on etsy and yours stands out. You should have no trouble selling them like crazy. They are priced perfectly as well. I put a poll on cafemom yesterday with pictures of cards i was thinking about getting and a lot of ppl loved your card. You should consiter joining cafemom, its a great site for mothers plus they have a club for etsy store owners.You could put pics of your cards on your home page at cafemom and i bet they would really take off.

  4. A big "Ya-hoo" on all you good news today!

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  6. Congrats on your happy comments! Good days are always great, I think! :> I scrolled down and checked out some of your cards...they are really cute! I'll be back to check out more!

  7. Such a sweet story! brings back memories....tfs!!

  8. Congratulations on selling your first of many cards on Etsy!


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