March 19, 2009

Creatively Cute Bloggers Challenge #2

Paula is our hostess for Creatively Cute's second challenge. It's a fabulous one and see the prize above? Super Great!. Here's what she had to say:

"...This is a challenge unlike others...we won't be making a card or a box, nope, not this time...this is something we ALL NEED.... a vacation...although I'm SURE we all NEED that

We need ORGANIZATION! Yes, we (papercrafters) are KNOWN to hoard, covet and well, create creative messes! For THIS challenge I want you to take the time it would take to make ONE CARD and organize something...ANYTHING papercraft related...some ideas

Organize those Jumbled Ribbons
Organize your Acrylics
Organize your Dies or Cricut Cartridges
Find a proper place to store your expensive markers
Label something
Make a binder to organize the sketches you keep printing off your computer
Rearrange your paper by color/theme/mfg
Make a holder for your heat gun
Repurpose a cork board for your creations
You can do ANYTHING you want, as long as it's papercraft related and you take a photo of, no fair taking a photo of something you already have done (we're going for the honor system here, if you REALLY want to impress me take a before AND after photo of it....)... I want you to do this so you'll have MORE TIME TO CREATE all those "other" challenges later!

Be sure to upload your newly organized whoosiewhatsit to SplitCoast Stampers and put in the keyword CCB02 . You're deadline is to get this done by is Wednesday March 25th. Voting will begin Friday March 27th."

Be sure to visit Paula's blog to see what she's done which will for sure inspire you.

Here is the CCB02 Gallery

Paula has been kind enough to extend this challenge so we all can have the opportunity to participate. The dates listed above are the NEW dates. Remember, anyone can participate! Use keyword CCB02 when uploading to SCS and you will be entered to win Paula's awesome prize.

I have a couple of things I want to do for this project, but I'm going to do the most needed first to make sure I get it done! I should go start now!


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