March 20, 2012

New Release Hop Day 2 - Coffee Cozies

Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments you left for us yesterday. Judging by your feedback I think it's safe to say you're loving our new Coffee Cozies set! YAY!!!

And an extra thank you for the feedback you left regarding the registration marks on these dies. If you missed my post yesterday about the new feature you can go back and read all about it HERE. These dies have a built in alignment tool so that your stamps and dies line up PERFECTLY and it's really SUPER simple to use. Run your dies through your cutting machine and use the negative that remains to help line up your stamped art to your die by making marks in the alignment holes. Go ahead on over and read all about it. I'll wait :), LOL!!

However, I can't emphasize enough that this is truly only an option for perfect alignment and we've had just as super results with these products using them the traditional way of die cut first, then line up by "eyeing it" and stamping.

Have you taken a few minutes to look at all the stamps that come in this set and the super cute fonts and sentiments?

What are some of your favorites? I'm loving the Vitamin "C" sentiment. I'm also loving the smiley face in this set. I actually drew it and Ariana perfected it in her graphics software. Heidi Schwoerer of 2 Cute Ink also helped on this set and did a fabulous job of taking my sketches and making them into this cute artwork.Thank you again, Heidi!

So apparently I'm loving the Coffee and Friends sentiment because I just noticed now as I am typing this that I used this sentiment on today's project as well! That's okay! This project shows you how nicely the dies work just by themselves with some patterned paper. Have a look....

It also shows you how the over sized sentiment flag from our Flags & Tags set is literally the perfect backdrop for every project and how I think every paper crafter in the world should have one!!! LOL!!! I swear..I haven't put this guy down. LOVE!!

Now, tomorrow we will begin to post projects featuring our new 2 Cute Ink set which seriously and honestly is the BEST one we've done! So please come back and visit us tomorrow and Thursday so you can see it. And Friday the entire group will be posting. So pour yourself some Vitamin "C" on Friday because our hop will be plentiful and loaded with goodness! Also, don't forget to leave comments along the way as you hop because we'll be giving away prizes, a $10 store credit and our new Funny Bunnies set from 2 Cute Ink! Both of our new sets are already in the LID store and are ready to go home with you today! So run right over for a preview of the Funny Bunnies set!

I'll leave you now to head on over to the amazing and talented Emily Leiphart's blog to see what crafty goodness she has brewing!

Thank you for stopping by today!



  1. Looking forward to tomorow's reveal!

  2. love this set...seriously. your card is absolutely FAB.

  3. wow - ilove these stamps! they're so cute and up my alley :)

  4. I like all the ways you can customize your coffee cup.


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