May 18, 2012

Gallery Idol 2012

Hello! It's time for the Gallery Idol 2012 competition!

This year's theme is Encouragement! What could be more encouraging than to tell someone you love who's on a weigh loss journey that they look awesome! This past year I've been going to Weight Watchers and I've lost 63 lbs! Nothing makes me feel better or more determined to keep going than a nice compliment!

I started by using my baby onesie die. Then, I trimmed off the bottom and I notched in the sides to show a trim waistline! I added a "belt" using a black strip of paper and a brad. Then I added the shirt to kraft paper which I printed my sentiment on. I hope you like it! You can read ALL about the Gallery Idol contest HERE and the gallery containing the Encouragement cards is HERE. This is such a fun contest. I LOVE being able to see then entries and then vote for my favorites as the rounds progress!! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. great design! and...congrats on your success!!!

  2. Wow Laura that's amazing - well done you! Fab card to boot :)

  3. What a super cute idea, Laura! Love the belt with that brad buckle.

  4. This is SO fun Laura, and congratulations on losing so much! I am doing WW's the only thing that works for me!!

  5. congrats on your amazing weight loss...that's wonderful!

  6. Your shirt looks fabulous and I bet you do too! Congrats and keep going Laura-you rock!


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