September 17, 2008

My Latest Discovery: Ribbon Threading!

I just had to talk about my latest discovery and possibly my new favorite technique, ribbon threading! You will need a ribbon threading punch (mine is from Fiskars) and ribbon. I'm finding any punch with holes or that makes hole will work.
The trick to creating the thread you see here is to skip every other hole. It's hard to tell that I did that because it's hiding under my ribbon. I suggest ribbon wide enough to cover the holes is you use this technique. I think this ribbon is 1.25in. For extra fun I added a piece of ribbon as though I tied a bow.
I love to add ribbon to my projects and this is a fun, fresh way to do just that.
Here are a couple of other projects where I have used the ribbon threading technique:

For this next project I used the Threading Water boder punch by Fiskars:

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